Health Warranty

Your Dog or Puppies Health

Our goal is to provide healthy companion pets that will give and receive love for many happy years. Although many of our puppies are bred and show the quality we do not guarantee them as such. They have received the appropriate vaccinations and worming (as per Medical Records you will receive with your puppy) so we guarantee them against fatal viruses for 72 hours. Our warranty is valid for one year from the puppy’s date of birth for hereditary or congenital defects that would interfere with your pet’s ability to live a normal life.

We suggest that you establish care for your beloved pet within five days of purchase. In the event, that your vet finds and certifies in writing that the puppy is unfit for purchase the puppy can be returned to us at YOUR EXPENSE, within one week of the vet visit for a replacement puppy if one is available or the price of the puppy can be refunded. To keep this warranty valid your puppy MUST receive proper care, nutrition, and standard routine and preventative care. The breeder does not guarantee any health issues or loss of life due to reactions caused by vaccinations, flea and tick prevention via any means of administration nor losses caused by the owners’ negligence including ingestions of poisons or foods known to be toxic to dogs.

NO REPLACEMENTS or refunds for temperament will be given, as this environment is the buyer’s responsibility. Proper feeding, exercise, grooming, training, and socialization of your puppy are all part of being a responsible owner and have a bearing on the end result of a sound adult dog. WE CANNOT stress this enough!

Under this agreement, the breeder is not liable for any vet, shipping, or incidental expenses incurred by the puppy buyer. Only a replacement puppy or the purchase price of the puppy can be recouped if a health issue should arise. In the unfortunate event, your dog succumbs to a congenital disorder within one year of its birthdate we will need documentation from your vet including an autopsy report (at your expense) verifying the cause of death before replacing the puppy or issuing a refund.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for the puppy once it leaves our premises or if being shipped once the puppy has been received.

Beautiful mid-sized white dogs which make wonderful pets! They are generally 12-15 inches tall & weigh 12-20 pounds. Their ears point straight up as they listen to you! Eskimos are very loving & affectionate.  If you are sitting on the couch,  they will typically be that dog that will be resting their head on your lap. They generally train very easily-ranking among the top scores in obedience classes. 

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